10 Unconventional Places To Build Extra Storage

Everyone with a home has one thing in common, they want or need more storage space. When you have a smaller home or a big family it gets hard to find any extra room. Today, I’m going to share 10 unconventional places for extra storage.

1. Under The Staircase

Michigan Summer Home
Most space under a stair case is wasted room. You might as well make good use of it! There are tons of ideas for built ins. This example is beautifully designed. I love the crystal door knobs on this.

2. Built In Closet For Shoes

Duplex near Harvard Square, Cambridge Massachusetts

Can all the girls take a second and drool over this shoe closet. I need a closet for all my shoes. Okay, maybe not need but want. Desperately want.

3. Hallway Built-Ins

Kitchen and Bath in a Mt. Kisco Colonial
Some people are lucky enough to have extra room in their walls. If I had any extra room in walls I would totally take advantage and add extra built-ins for storage.

4. Built-In With A Mirror

Fremont Residence
I don’t know a woman who wouldn’t mind a little extra jewelry storage. Add a small built in and add a body length mirror and some hinges and you will have a some cool jewelry storage.

5. A Whole Wall Of Storage

Landrum SC residence
I can’t even imagine what I would do with a whole stinking wall of storage but if you had two kids sharing a room, I imagine this would be pretty amazing to keep the toys put away!
6. Laundry Room

If you’re going to have a room dedicated to laundry you might as well make it with amazing storage. Add some counter space and you’ve got a pretty awesome space to clean, fold, and press your laundry.

7. Next To A Standing Tub

Budget Blinds
A few extra shelves in the bathroom never hurt. Let’s be real, there is a lot of stuff to be stored in the bathroom. Towels, cleaner, makeup, soaps, etc. The more people you have in your home the more of that stuff you have too. If you have a little extra space by your bathtub, you might as well take advantage of it!
8. Inside Of Your Cabinet Doors
If you have room in cabinets you can add storage on the doors. I’ve seen this done on Pinterest in bathroom cabinets, cleaning supply cabinets, closet doors, and so much more!
9. Under The Bathtub
I thought this idea was really cool. Personally, I have a tub with a wall around it like this and I bet its totally unused space in-between the wall and the bathtub! Make a shallow cabinet to through a couple towels in and you’re golden.
10. Bay Window Seating
Bench and Mantel

I see bay windows in tons of houses and most don’t even take advantage of the potential storage space! C’mon guys! Lets do some built-ins. Throw a cushion on this bad boy and you’ve got a cozy reading nook and extra seating, plus storage.

I hope you guys enjoyed this! Did I miss any cool places to add storage? Have you added storage to your home? Tell me down in the comments!


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