3 FUN Ways I’ve Made Money As A Stay At Home Mom — And You Can Too!

Hey guys! Welcome back. Sorry I’ve been gone for so long! As most of you know I had a baby on November 22, 2017! He’s doing amazing now but we had a few bumps during delivery and we ended up with a 7 day NICU stay. Since we’ve been released he has been sick SO many times. He is currently still recovering from bronchiolitis caused by a mild case of RSV. That being said, he is on the road to recovery and were so glad to be in the swing of having two children! Thanks for sticking around with us while we got life figured out. YOU GUYS ROCK! and just because my sons are too stinking cute here is a photo to ogle at before I give you guys some AWESOME ways to make some extra income while you stay at home!


Staying at home with my little man, Oliver, has been a HUGE blessing. But It’s also been a sacrifice financially. I decided that If I was going to stay home while he was little that I was going to find a few ways to make extra money to help my family financially. It was actually easier than I thought It would be. In this post I’m going to share with you guys how you can do it too! It’s not hard, and you can do stuff you actually enjoy. Once you get started on one of these 3 things you might even find yourself making more money than you were at your job. With the VERY fast approach of my second child I will be continuing doing these while I stay at home.

The First thing I tried was flipping used furniture.

— This seams SOO daunting but its really not! It’s really quite easy and not as physically demanding as I had expected. The first step is saving about $75 for supplies and your first piece of furniture. Where I’m located here in Wisconsin, dressers seem to sale better than other types of furniture. I usually just find them on facebook garage sale groups or Craigs list. I don’t sand most of the pieces down because I use chalk paint which doesn’t need sanding! After I paint and seal the piece I just stage it in nice lighting with a few decor pieces on it and post it back on Craigs list and facebook garage sale sites and sale it for a profit! If you have kids, this might even be fun to get their help on this type of project. I mean, all kids like to paint, right?! Below is a photo of a dresser I flipped and sold for a profit!

**BONUS** If you or your hubby are good with power tools you can make custom furniture for an even higher profit margin! My husband makes custom furniture (We usually use free plans from Ana White.)

If you’re interested in learning more about the products and techniques I use check out my previous post here! This link has a free downloadable supply list and a step by step checklist. It makes it fail proof to make a profit on furniture flip! — HOW TO FLIP ANY PIECE OF USED FURNITURE

The Second thing I have done is selling used stuff on Ebay.

— This again is pretty easy. Even if you’re thinking, “I don’t have a bunch of stuff to sale.” That’s okay! Check out your local Goodwill, garage sales, and thrift stores. There are TONS of people who purchase used clothes and resale them for a profit on Ebay! Just make sure you’re doing it ethically and make sure that you’re doing your research. Not everything you like is going to sale like hot cakes, trust me. There are tons of great resources on Youtube if you’re looking to start selling on Ebay just type “Ebay super seller” or “How to Sell on Ebay” In the description and you’ll find a million resources.

The Third thing I did is create a small business using my silhouette cameo. (MY FAVORITE)

**DISCLAIMER** — This one takes a little practice and creativity. Make projects for your friends and family FIRST. Get involved in facebook groups for silhouette projects, people are so kind and will help you with anything you need help with. TRUST ME, the facebook groups are a MUST.

If you don’t know what a silhouette cameo is you haven’t lived life. JK…. but only kinda. It’s literally a magic machine. It will help you create almost ANY project you want. Do you like those REALLY pretty wood painted signs they sale at hobby lobby? Yep, you can make them. Create your own car decals, beautiful cards, signs, custom coffee mugs, custom stainless steel tumblers, monogrammed clothing, graphic T’s, cute baby clothes, Home decor, AND SO MUCH MORE. My husband purchased me my silhouette machine 2 years ago and I have made thousands of dollars from it in the last 3-4 months. It was definitely a worth while purchase. On top of just making money I have made Amazing custom gifts. I personally don’t run a Etsy shop of facebook business page and I still make quite a bit of money off of my creations off of Facebook garage sale sites. I know that If I were to take the time to make a facebook buisness page and etsy shop I would EASILY double, probably tripple the amount of orders I got.

Some of my best sellers have been: Family name plaque Hanging Planters, Wood painted signs (You know, the hobby lobby style ones), and Custom Stainless steel glitter dipped tumblers.

If you’re a crafty person and you decide to buy this machine, purchase it through my affiliate link! Not only will you get a super cool machine a small portion of your purchase will go to supporting my blog. Purchase yours here.

If you guys would like me to Blog more about these types of creations let me know.

It’s pretty cool that there are ways to make money at home while raising our families! I hope this brought you some fresh Idea’s about how you can make money while being the best mom you can be!

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