5 Prayers To Pray Over Your Children

As parents, we want the best for our children. I know for my little guy, I want to move heaven and earth so he can have a prosperous and happy life. I’m guessing that if you’re here, that you want this for your kiddos too. Praying for your child might be one of the most essential parts of parenting. There is only so much we can do for our kids here on earth, but as Christians, we have access to a supernatural favor and protection for them. I’m going to list a few prayers that are important and tell you why they are important.

So let’s jump into 5 Prayers To Pray Over Your Children!


Pray That They Remain Child-like and Not Childish As They Grow Up.

We know that God wants us to be child like. (Matthew 18:3) Being child-like means being: innocent, trusting, finding joy in the little things, and easily being awed by God. The older we get the more cynical we get about trusting and accepting the will of God. Our children trust that we will meet their needs and as they grow we need to shift that reliance and trust onto the Lord. Pray that they grow up to have the faith of a child but not be childish in their behavior.

Pray That They Have A Heart Of Discernment.

No parent wants their child to end up in a bad situation with the wrong people. Praying that God gives them a heart of discernment is simply defined as: The ability to judge well or obtaining spiritual direction and understanding. This is also a spiritual gifting that God chooses to give people to discern spirits. (1 Corinthians 12: 10) I want my son to have this spiritual gift! I want him to be sensitive to which way God is leading him.

That They Would Easily Walk In Forgiveness.

This will benefit them in every aspect of their life. Holding grudges is toxic to our joy. Their future spouse will thank you for this prayer later! As Christians we have to walk in forgiveness daily. But, as parents we can pray that God softens their hearts as they continue to grow up, making it easier for them to forgive as adults. Children forgive pretty easily but as we get older our hearts tend to harden to forgiveness. Pray that their hearts would stay soft and mendable.

Pray For Their Future Spouse And Kids.

I know this is the last thing on your mind right now, but your kids are not yours. They are firstly God’s, bought with the blood of Jesus, and secondly, they are going to be one with their husband or wife. The bible says that we are to leave our mother and father and cling to our spouse. (Genesis 2:24) They are not yours, we just get the joy of raising them to be great mothers and fathers, husbands and wives. Raise your sons to be the husband a wife would need and the father a child would need. Raise your daughters to be the wife a husband would need and the mother a child would need.

Pray That Their God Given Callings Would Become Abundantly Clear To Them And You.

God says if we ask for wisdom it will be given to us generously. (James 1:5) Pray that your kids will know their true God given callings. It’s so important that they know how to be the most affective that they can be in the kingdom of God. Also pray for your heart to handle the calling they are given. As parents we want certain things for our children and God may not want those same things. You may want your kids to grow up and be in ministry but God might want them to be a business owner, and it might crush you to see them follow that calling because it’s not what you consider “ministry”. But, they might have more of an impact in the Kingdom as a business person than they ever would as a pastor. Not only do our kids need to feel supported in their callings, we as parents need to be ready for whatever they might be.

These are great starting points for praying for your child. Every kid will have different needs, but these 5 prayers are, across the board, a good fit for every child. Are there any prayers you pray over your child everyday? Comment below, I would love to know!

If you’re looking for a good place to start teaching your kids about God and the bible, here is a link to my last article about parenting. 5 Basic Bible Verses That Every Kid Should Be Taught.


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