8 Things To Teach Your Son Before He Moves Out

Hey guys! I hope your week is going better than mine. It has been crazy at the Audiss household. I was hospitalized for 2 days this week (don’t worry me and baby are doing well now) but it has been pure chaos!

Anyway! While I was laying in the hospital bed, I was thinking about the kind of Boys I want my sons to be. And of course the top of the list is: kind, compassionate, spiritual leaders, christlike, ext. But a big one that I kept thinking about was “Self-reliant” and that got me thinking, what I could do to make sure that happens?

I know that no one is completely self-reliant, however I want to help prepare my sons to be able to take care of theirselves and future families. I made a list of 8 things I want my sons to know how to do before they leave my house. Granted, I have a while before I start working on these with my sons but you can never be too prepared, right? Here is a bonus photo of my son Oliver and my husband because, they are too stinking cute.

Here are the 8 things my sons will be taught before they leave home. I may not be able to teach them everything on the list but I can make sure someone will teach them.

  1. How to make a homemade meal– And I mean a REAL meal, not one that comes out of a box.
  2. How to change a tire– We’ve all been there, am I right?!
  3. How to change a car’s oil/jump start a car– I don’t expect my sons to be mechanics, but This skill could save them thousands through out their lifetime! Admittedly, my husband will be teaching the boys these skills because they are not in my repertoire!
  4. Basic first aid– If you have a family you really should know how to perform the heimlich maneuver, CPR, and how to calmly talk with a 911 operator during emergencies.
  5. How to do their own laundry– Yes, teach your sons how to wash and fold their clothes AND teach them the proper way to fold a fitted sheet!
  6. How to create a budget and stick to it– We will start early with this by teaching our sons to tithe 10% and save 20% of all of their allowances. Yep, I’m gunna be that mom 😉
  7. How to take care of a home — You know, the basics. How to retouch paint, pulling weeds out of the flower beds, proper way to vacuum, deep cleaning, how to polish wood railings. Things like that.
  8. How to say “No”– This might be the most important of them all because if you want them to learn the value of their “yes”. It’s okay to say no because you don’t want to say yes to too many things and become over committed.


I know my two little guys have a LONG time before we teach them these things, but they are things they will definitely learn before they move out of our house. Did I miss any that you are planning on teaching your children? Share them down below!

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