Bring On The Fire – When Life Gets Hard There Is Hope

Today I was browsing the internet and I found a short account of an event that Thomas and Charles Edison lived though and I feel like its important for us all to hear.

“On the night of December 9, 1914, Edison Industries was virtually destroyed by fire. Edison lost two million dollars that night and much of his life’s work went up in flames. He was insured for only $238,000, because the buildings had been made of concrete, at that time thought to be fireproof.
(Edison’s son) Charles was 24; Thomas was 67. The young man ran about frantically, trying to find his father. Finally he came upon him, standing near the fire, his face ruddy in the glow, his white hair blown by the December winds.
”My heart ached for him,” Charles Edison said. ”he was 67 – no longer a young man – and everything was going up in flames.”
He spotted me. ‘Charles,’ he shouted, ‘where’s your mother?’
1 don’t know, Dad,’ I said.
‘Find her. Bring her here. She will never see anything like this again as long as she lives.”’
The next morning, walking about the charred embers of all his hopes and dreams, Edison said,
”There is great value in disaster. All our mistakes are burned up. Thank God we can start anew
Three weeks after the fire, his firm delivered the first phonograph. ”
(Never Give Up by Tim Crosby, Copyright (c) 2001 by The Quiet Hour

Thomas Edison was a incredibly smart man, we all know that but, I don’t think everyone knows how spiritually mature he was. When his whole empire went up in flames he didn’t give up or blame God. Rather, he just thanked God.

There have been times when my whole life seems to be up in flames and I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER, just said “Thanks God” while still looking at the remains of the disaster. (For me this comes much later)


What seemed impossible with our worldly eyes was actually possible. Even though they only has $238,000 in insurance, they still managed to make an invention that changed the world. If they had gave up after the fire, we would not have modern day music. The phonograph was the first thing to “record” sound.


Even though this fire cost them two million dollars in losses, the invention that they made created a whole industry in recorded music that is now worth approximately 25 billion dollars.

So what is God setting on fire for you? Maybe its your relationship, finances, or even your health. Whatever it is, God brings restoration. He can rebuild whatever was burnt down. God is a good bookkeeper. When you’re faithful to him, he’s faithful to you.

Be thankful for the unknowns. Because sometimes the things God has for us are bigger than the things we already had established for our-selfs.


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