Cherish Every Moment – Babies Grow Fast

My dishes aren’t done, My floors aren’t swept or vacuumed, and I have a load of laundry as tall as Mount Everest. There is a list of things that need to be done but instead of doing them, I held my son through a whole nap. No he didn’t NEED me to, but I NEEDED me to. I needed to cherish that moment. Time is fleeting and babies grow fast.

I needed to be reminded. Reminded that I’m more than just someone who changes dirty diapers, more than someone who just washes bottles, more than a milk farm.

The moments are fleeting and I’m missing them. I’m doing things that CAN wait and missing the moments I CAN’T have back. So today I held him while he slept and just watched him. I watched his nose twitch and those sweet double breaths. I will treasure every moment I spent sitting in that chair holding him.

I realized that I have very few of these “baby” moments left. Soon he wont want to be held and cuddled for hours while taking a nap. Soon I will be teaching him to walk and talk, then he will be off to school, and sooner than I’d like he’ll be moving out. 

So today, I’ll hold him and cherish his tender snuggles. I’ll try to memorize his little face as he sleeps because the “tomorrows” are coming way soon.



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