How To Feel Like A Newly Wed Even If You’re Not A Newly Wed

After being married a short three and a half years I can tell you it’s easy to forget what it was like to be a newly wed. After a few years the butterflies might come less and less, sex will happen less frequently, and it becomes easy to take each other for granted. I got a lot of advice before I got married about how to have a “happy marriage” but no one tells you how hard the work can be.

I’m lucky to have an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G husband, and even though he is the world’s best man, I’m still guilty of falling short and falling out of the “newly wed” stage. Every Marriage can stay in the newly wed stage but you have to work hard at it, especially after you have kids.

So I’m going to give you a list of ways to feel like you’re a newly wed, even if you’re not newly wed.

1. Kiss on the lips – Kiss him passionately. At least once a day, kiss him like you mean it.
2. Cheerfully greet him – When he gets home be happy to see him. If you’re happy to see him, he’ll be happy to see you.
3. Pray for each other – Every day. Pray over each others hopes and dreams, pray for strength and wisdom, and most importantly pray for your marriage together.
4. Forgive easily – I’m guilty of needing to work on this one! I tend to hold on to things, but it’s important to forgive easily and fully.
5. Be honest – Always tell the truth gently. Honesty is a key factor to a happy marriage, but remember that honesty without kindness is just cruelty.
6. Praise each other when you do something well – If you see your husband do something awesome, tell him! I mean, that’s why you married him, right? Don’t stop telling him he’s awesome.
7. Be thankful to him – Find something you can thank your husband for each day. Even if its just taking the trash out or helping make the bed. If you are thankful for him, he will be thankful for you too.
8. Build each other up – Don’t say mean things to tear him down. You are his biggest supporter! You should cheer him on, help direct him, and encourage him. Remember if you hurt him, you hurt yourself. You two became one the day you got married.
9. Laugh with each other – Find new ways to laugh. Travel, buy a new board game, google jokes together. Seriously just have fun because marriage will suck if you can’t have fun together.
10. Remind yourself that love is a choice and not a feeling – The feelings of butterflies will eventually go away. Comfort will creep in and things can get hard in that stage. Just remember that love is a choice of actions and not a feeling. Continue serving and the endorphins will eventually come back, I promise.

Try these out yourself and see if they help! I’m praying for all of my readers, I hope these help your marriage. Did I leave anything out of my list? Let me know down in the comments below. 🙂

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