Freedom From Sin – No Longer Being Bound

Christianity is a journey. Christians, like everybody else, learn and grow. There are times of confusion and times of clarity. Today we’re going to be talking about freedom. That being said, lets jump in to Freedom From Sin – No Longer Being Bound.

Before I was a Christian I didn’t understand real freedom. All I really knew was the bondage of my own sin and the weight of my future.

Before I accepted Jesus, one of my friends told me, “There’s freedom in Christ”. I didn’t understand that. The only thing I had ever heard from christians were rules. You know what I’m talking about, there are 613 commands (rules) in the bible. And to me, that’s all Jesus represented for a long time.


Even after I received Jesus I didn’t understand. I thought I needed to follow these rules in-order for God to love me. I was wrong, His love is not earned, its free. So after I realized his love was free I went back to living like I did before I met Jesus and started living outside of the gospel. You know, because God loved me anyway, right?

So there I was living in chaos, still not understanding true freedom. After getting mixed up in the mess I created, I said a prayer something similar to this: “God, I just don’t understand why you didn’t protect me from this.”

Just that one sentence. That is all it took to prompt the Holy Spirit to bring clarity. Just like a gentle whisper I heard, “I told you not to do these sins. All they do is chain you down. I did not leave a list of rules to make your life hard. I left commands in order to protect you from the bondage of your own sin.”

I remember thinking that If I had just listened to the word of God then maybe I wouldn’t have been in this situation. Here is the nitty-gritty. God tells us not to do sinful things because they will slowly take control of your life. If you drink to much, you become an alcoholic and are bound to a bottle. Gossip and you’ll become untrustworthy to your friends. Lie and everyone will keep a distance from you. I could literally write hundreds of these down, but you get the point.

True freedom is not following Gods rules for love. True freedom is not taking advantage of his mercy. But, true freedom is giving up worldly desires so that God can protecting us from our own ability to mess things up. His commands are full of mercy and love, and that’s how I will follow God’s commands to stay free.

It is my prayer that you can do the same!

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