How To Furnish Your Home On A Budget

Everyone knows that when you get a new home or apartment, getting furniture to fill it is a huge expense. Not only is it a huge expense, it takes a lot of commitment to pick the style of decor you want. Lets be real, I would love to hire an interior decorator but that’s expensive. Taking all of this into consideration Nathan and I agreed that we would do a rustic/eclectic style of decor. Eclectic styles are easy to put together on a budget because you can mix styles and colors. Plus, you can buy pieces one at a time rather than buying a whole set at once.


The biggest mistake people make while budgeting for furniture is buying all of your major pieces brand new. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way new furniture looks but it’s really not a cost-effective way to furnish your home. When we first moved into our small townhouse we bought really cheap furniture. Like, from family dollar. I know it’s ugly, but it was functional.

We decided that we would learn how to refurbish furniture and build custom pieces. This has been a great way for us to earn side income and furnish our home. Doing all of the decorating at once would be intimidating to say the least. We pick up pieces of furniture off Craigslist and local Facebook garage sale groups. This allows us to buy pieces that we are interested in keeping in our home along with some that we can sell.


Our most recent flip we originally picked up for resale, but we ended up loving the finished dresser so much that we kept it for a console table. That’s the beauty of eclectic decor, you mix and match.


We painted it a cream-white and spray painted the handles brown. This dresser cost us $75 on Craigslist and about $15 on paint. So, this dresser only cost us about $90! A dresser of this magnitude would normally cost around $1000 at a store.

Wayfair has a similar dresser to the one we flipped here. The one from Wayfair is $942.98. That’s a savings of $852.98! That is why we refurbish furniture.  If you’re interested in flipping furniture for your home I have already written a post, How To Flip Any Piece Of Used Furniture. It contains links to all of the products and supplies we use.

In conclusion, buy cheap functional furniture first. Then invest in a piece at a time or build some furniture yourself! Here is a link to a simple table we built, DIY Rustic Console Table.

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