When Making Money Online Isn’t Easy For You – 5 Tips For The Struggling Blogger

If you’re new to my blog, hello I’m glad you’re here! I don’t typically blog about “blogging” because I felt unqualified. I don’t make money from my blog, in-fact I’ve put a lot of money into it and only made 93 cents! Keep in mind, that’s not even 93 cents of profit! It doesn’t even begin to cover the amount of time and energy I’ve spent on Anchoring Angela. I don’t have a huge following or a secret formula to growth.

Even though I have felt unqualified in the past I’ve decided to put myself out there because I’ve noticed a large gap in the industry. There are not enough people telling you what it’s really like when you’re struggling to make an impact on people, none the less make an income online. Making monkey online isn’t easy!

I started my blogging journey a little over a year ago. I was pumped about sharing things that I was super passionate about with people online and making money from it. I mean, who doesn’t want the opportunity to share about things they love and make money while doing it?

When I first started my blog I had read everything I could find on “what blogging is really like”. This gave me a false sense of hope. If you look at bigger blogs their owners will usually say something like, “I was able to provide for my family” or “I replaced my full time job with blogging with-in one year of starting my blog”.


I thought perfect! I want to see women find joy in being wives and mothers, i’m going to start a blog and women will totally relate to me! They will love all my helpful tips and tricks for keeping track of their homes, families, and faith. I mean that’s what all women really want, right?

Unfortunately for me I just wasn’t as lucky as the other bloggers. I didn’t hit big success after my first year of blogging, but that’s okay.

This is why it’s important that you don’t start a blog solely hoping you will make money from it. Because chances are that you will struggle to make any money for a while. Guys, I’m not saying this to scare you off, buuuuuutttt please don’t start your blog just to “make money” because, you wont. I’m not saying this to discourage you starting, I’m telling you this to prepare you.

I’m going to share some advice that will actually be helpful when it comes to waiting on your blog to make income! Here are 5 tips for struggling bloggers.

1. Have A Reason Why You Blog

I know this sounds silly, but you really do need to have a reason why you blog. A real reason. Making extra money won’t be enough to drive you, because money doesn’t always come. I started my blog because I have a passion to see women fulfill their God given abilities and I wanted to help with that. I felt called to start my blog. I knew there was a space online that God wanted to use me.

Your reason might be different than mine, and that’s okay. Every blogger needs something to be driven. So if you want to start a blog, find your reason now.

2. Find Big Bloggers You Admire And Reach Out

Finding bloggers you love is important. I’ve been fortunate enough to make connections and be able to write for several bloggers I admire. Having blogging connections is a huge part of having success with-in blogging.

It’s also important to find bloggers you love in your niche that are successful. Start to emulate what they do. I don’t mean copy what they are writing on, or picking the same theme they use. But rather, emulate their method for success because they have already found what works for your audience. What types of social media marketing are they using? Do they offer a free course to teach you something? Learn from them.

3. Find A Mentor And Start A Course

Having an accountability partner can be important if you struggle with self-motivation, but even better than an accountability partner is a Mentor. Someone you can call or email and ask for advice and motivation. All bloggers feel worn out at some point and need help getting back on track. Mentors have the experience you don’t have and that’s truly invaluable.

Starting an online course is also important, especially for people who are not tech and media savvy. I definitely fall into this category. There are a ton of free courses on how to utilize Pinterest, make better looking graphics, and how to use social media to grow your audience.

I personally did 4-5 free courses before I jumped into Melyssa Griffin’s Blog To Biz Hive course. She is definitely a blogger I look up to! This course was NOT cheap but it was worth every. single. penny. If you’re ready to take the ultimate dive into everything about blogging this is your one stop shop. (No, i’m not getting paid to tell ya’ll this) But seriously, Melyssa has great content, for free also! Check out her website here: MelyssaGriffin.com

4. Create Opt-ins

It took me forever to grow my email list. Its still embarrassingly small at just 66 subscribers! But hey, I love every single one of my subscribers.

Once you have your niche narrowed down, find something that your target audience needs fixed and help solve it. Give them a free checklist, email series, or free small course in exchange for their email. Growing your email list is one of the only ways to make a good income. So before you can make that BIG income just try to grow your email list.

5. Stay True To You

Staying true to yourself is sooooo important in blogging. It can be easy to make money and receive free products if you’re willing to bend your beliefs. I had several companies offer to pay me to talk about their products on my blog but I didn’t feel like they were a good fit. Instead of taking the bait of money, I turned them away. Your readers value your opinion, let them trust you. Don’t accept an opportunity just because they offer you money.

Waiting to make the right money is better than making fast money.


Let me know in the comments if any of these brought you encouragement! I know it can be difficult to blog when you see other people’s success happen faster than yours. But remember, slow and steady wins the race!



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