You Were Not Created To Stand Out – You Will Fit In

Hey guys, I’m still here. I didn’t go missing! My family’s schedule has been super chaotic for the last 6 weeks. We have been serving at youth camp for the last 4 weeks (kinda 5 weeks). I’m still pregnant and we have a teething toddler! We have been busy. Anyway, I wanted to let you guys know that I will start regularly posting again. Now that we are done with camp our schedule should be normal again. Thank you Jesus!

I wanted to share a word that God gave me at camp with you guys. It started with Youth students in high school but its a word for us all.

While I was standing in a room filled with 500 high school students there was a heavy spirit there. Students not knowing their true identity and not realizing their worth. I was allowing my spirit to be sensitive to the situation around me. I felt like the Lord was showing me that there was a spirit of discontent in these students because they had a desire to fit in with their piers at their schools. But its hard to fit in at a high school when you follow Jesus.

I started to pray, “God remind them that they were born to stand out, not fit in.” God immediately stopped me. I felt that small voice say, “No, I created them to fit in.”

I was obviously confused so I rushed to my bible to look at verses like Hebrews 10:10 We have been set apart as holy because Jesus Christ did what God wanted him to do by sacrificing his body once and for all.”

“See God You’ve called us to be different than the world.” I was desperately trying to hold on to this verse. “God, Help these students not feel bad for not fitting in.”

I sat through the message and watched my students engage. Towards the end of the message I felt a gentle nudge of the holy spirit again saying, “I’ve created these students to fit in.”

I finally caved and silently prayed, “What do you mean?” and then BOOM, it hit me like a brick wall. We will fit in with Him. tALL christians were created for a perfect community in his presence. His perfect will was that we would all live with him in the garden. If sin had never entered this world we would have ALL fit together. Uniquely taking our place in his kingdom without dislike for others, without hate, without gossip. Because Adam and Eve failed and ate the forbidden fruit we have been removed from his perfect presence. We were created to fit in HIS world not the sinful word we know now.

When the world fell, the perfect community we were created for changed significantly, but God’s perfect design of us didn’t because we will still live in that perfect community again when Jesus comes.

Wanting to fit in is really a yearning in our spirits to be in his perfect presence! To be where we truly fit in.

Don’t let Satan spin HOW you were created to fit in. He will tell you that you should fit in with this world but you weren’t created to fit into this sinful world, you will stand out to the world because you weren’t created for HERE. But we will all fit in his presence.

I’m so glad we serve a God where all of us fit-in with him. We won’t be an outcast with him!

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