8 Ways to Rock An Accent Wall In Your Home

Accents walls are awesome for adding texture and pops of color to your house. I personally love wallpaper but it can look so overdone if you do a whole room. You know what I mean, right? Like you just stepped into your grandma’s floral print living room.  These are going to be a modern way to add a little variety into your house. How will you rock an an accent wall in your home?

Rustic Pallet Wall

Alamo, CA. Farmhouse. Full Service Design Firm. Master Bedroom.
These are all the rage right now. I love them! It’s a great way to bring texture into a plain room. There are seriously tons of these on Pinterest and also tutorials on how to do them on youtube.

Colorful Geometric Walpaper

Urban Romantic
Kids play rooms can be quite boring and just plain look messy all the time. But you throw a good accent wall and then BOOM the whole room looks modern and put together.

Geometric Overlay

Plan 20X The Residences
This is just a wood pattern placed directly on the wall. Its beautiful but simple. BONUS- You don’t need a headboard.


Waterloo Estates
Shiplap is a very popular trend right now, thanks to Joanna Gains. (I love her) Its awesome for accent walls.


Dining Room
Stone gives a room a lot of texture! It’s personally one of my favorites. It feels very high quality if done right.

Exposed Brick

Hoboken Brownstone Renovation
If you like the industrial look this is a great way to achieve it. Its modern and timeless all at the same time.

Neutral Pop

Living room
I personally love this type of accent wall. Its still in the neutral color scheme you’ve chosen but, it adds contrast making it feel warm an homey.

Pop of Color

Un salon boho
A single pop of color is a great way to add a little life if your home is feeling dull or lifeless.

That’s 8 different ways to rock an accent wall.

What is your favorite style?

Did any of these inspire you to try an accent wall in your home?

Let me know down below!

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  1. We are actually planning on doing a rustic wood accent wall in the living room and maybe bedroom of our new house. I cannot wait to get started.

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