3 FUN Ways I’ve Made Money As A Stay At Home Mom — And You Can Too!

Hey guys! Welcome back. Sorry I’ve been gone for so long! As most of you know I had a baby on November 22, 2017! He’s doing amazing now but we had a few bumps during delivery and we ended up with a 7 day NICU stay. Since we’ve been released he has been sick SO many times. He is currently still recovering from bronchiolitis caused by a mild case of RSV. That being said, he is on the road to recovery and were so glad to be in the swing of having two children! Thanks for sticking around with us […]

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How To Furnish Your Home On A Budget

Everyone knows that when you get a new home or apartment, getting furniture to fill it is a huge expense. Not only is it a huge expense, it takes a lot of commitment to pick the style of decor you want. Lets be real, I would love to hire an interior decorator but that’s expensive. Taking all of this into consideration Nathan and I agreed that we would do a rustic/eclectic style of decor. Eclectic styles are easy to put together on a budget because you can mix styles and colors. Plus, you can buy pieces one at a time rather than buying a […]

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How to Flip Any Piece of Used Furniture

  *This post contains affiliate links to products I recommend* There are great ways to save money while trying to furnish your home. Going to a furniture store and purchasing a dresser could easily cost $800-$1500. Over the last year my husband and I have been mastering how to flip used furniture. You can use the furniture you already own or purchase a “new” used piece. I have had a lot of luck finding cool things to flip on craigslist, and facebook garage sale sites. Because I love you guys, I have created a free checklist and supply list. That […]

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